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Old 11-01-2009, 12:33 PM
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Default The Bar is Raised Video Review

DVD Review for Where Predators Become Prey.

I just finished watching Where Predators Become Prey by Byron South.

I feel mildly confident in saying that I am qualified to give an objective analysis of videos when it concerns hunting predators.

Byronís latest DVD is exciting to watch and chock full of instructional tips that would help virtually anyone to hone their predator hunting skills.

The videography is well supplemented with value added tips without making it mundane and repetitive. The flow is constant making the fast forward button useless.

One thing I greatly appreciated was the variety in people who participated. Whether it was young boys or corn-fed football players, the excitement and enthusiasm was extended to the viewing audience.

The variety of equipment used was not only interesting but eye-opening for those of all skill levels. Period. Bolt action, today's modern semi-autos, traditional scopes, 1X optics, magnifiers, night vision, crossbows and heat sensing thermal imaging.

I understand the challenges involved in filming, knowing up front that there are NO SECOND CHANCES when the calling starts and even though it was never mentioned, the hurdle of positioning the camera to capture the money shot speaks volumes about the experience on camera.

The film editing was second to none evidenced by the flow of the production. At no time did I lose interest and would suspect that no one else would either.

The action includes coyotes, fox, bobcat with coons and hogs thrown in to give you one the most well rounded video available. See on film how birds and cows will alert the hunter that the action is about to begin.

If I were to single out one lacking item, it would be to omission to discuss the importance of the use of shooting sticks. I do not recall one single hunter shooting off-hand.

In closing, Iíll say that this newest production from Byron South Coming To The Call video series has set the bar for all future videos.

This is the one MUST-HAVE video you canít afford not to have. I only saw Byron spit tobacco one time during the whole DVD but will watch it again just to make sure.

This will be the deciding factor in me getting a Blu Ray player this Holiday Season. Itís that good.
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Old 11-01-2009, 01:33 PM
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Byron's videos keep getting better and better. Each one I see I think to myself that it can't be topped. His last video was so good I would have bet on it. I'll take your word on it, Jay. I'm sure he's proven me wrong once again.
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Old 11-08-2009, 12:31 PM
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What Jay said!

I finally got a chance to watch Byron's newest yesterday. Like Jay said, I thought the last one was about as well done as anything I've seen. But, this one really is done even better. Byron has really perfected his craft. To convey solid, useful information for the newbies, without making it boring for the old hands, and pull if off as seamlessly as he has, takes a heckuva lot of skill.

Nicely done Byron!

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bobcat, coon, coyote, foxes, hogs

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