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Old 08-30-2016, 09:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Dan the man View Post
40gr vmax Hornady factory load had worse damage with the 32gr vmax. I have heard promising things about the 35gr berger. May need to go that route.
A friend I know has used the 32gr. Nosler bullet with a lot of success according to him. I would be tempted to try that route with a 20 cal.
The 35gr. Bergers I recovered started coming apart about 1.5 to 2" in the chest area of Coyotes. Full penetration was no more than 4". This was a sample of only 4 Coyotes.
The Bobcat I shot using a 37gr. hp never had an exit. The Cat was sitting and hit in the chest. the distance on the Bobcat was 225 plus yards. What I found interesting about the shot on the Cat was the wind drift.......NOT! I had about a 10 mph cross wind ( left to right) so I allowed for about a 2" drift. The shot hit the Cat exactly where the crosshairs were, no drift at all. Hit the Cat just inside of the left leg/shoulder. Another one of those "not enough info" to go on. Only posting this to say that my experience with the 204 and 35gr. Bergers or 37gr. CRT's was great, but no Fox info.

I was sitting against the fence and the Bobcat was at the edge of the Pine trees.

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