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Old 07-19-2017, 11:43 PM
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Default Calling Alert Coyotes

I was driving in the woods recently, went around a blind bend in the old woods road, there was two coyotes running up the road ahead of me. They were out of sight in a second or two at the next bend in the road. No time for a shot. Have had this happen several times every year.

I am guessing coyotes see vehicles from time to time and do not panic at the sight of my truck easing down a woods road. The general area is very swampy, brushy, tall grass, etc. so somewhere on that woods road would be one of the few places in that area where I might be able to see for any distance. Knowing those coyotes may not be far off, would you try to call/hunt them right then? If yes, what call(s) would you use in that situation?

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Old 07-21-2017, 02:09 PM
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Keeping in mind that, there are always a ton of variables involved and almost never a really "correct" answer to any questions like this...

My take is... The single most important aspect to calling coyotes is having coyotes there to hear your calls. So knowing they are there is a huge asset.

I have many times seen a coyote from the vehicle, then pulled over out of sight a half mile further, got out, made a stand, called and killed that coyote I saw. Many other times, I've come back later that same day, or maybe the next day and called that spot and killed a coyote. Knowing exactly where they are is a big ace in the hole. Try and play that ace is the way I see it.

Over all, when played intelligently, it's a high percentage play.

Some of the variables that I try to consider in deciding whether to try this or not would include:

- Just how spooked (or not) I think the coyote was when I drove by? Maybe come back the next day if it was really spooked.
- What is the wind doing, is it in my favor or is it all wrong (usually somewhere in between)? Don't bother if the wind is really wrong.
- What exactly was the coyote doing, mousing, hunting, travelling, goofing off? A travelling coyote, especially going the wrong way, I'm less likely to try for. A hunting or goofing off coyote is one I'm going to try and make a play on.
- If he was on the move, which direction is he going? Going the wrong way, less likely I try for.
- What do I think the pressure is like in that area, do coyotes see vehicles regularly, do they seem them rarely, do they see vehicles as a source of danger, do they see the road I'm on as a source of danger? Some areas I hunt, it's just pointless to call from too close to some of the roads, coyotes simply won't approach call sounds coming from near them.
- How does the terrain look a half mile further along for making a stand? I won't bother making a stand if I can't setup to make it very unlikely a responding coyote can leave. This applies at all times.

Sounds? Whatever. This situation doesn't effect my sound selection. I'll use whatever sound I'd be using in that area that day anyway, which is almost always simple jackrabbit distress. This time of year though, I might use pup distress instead.

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Old 07-21-2017, 08:01 PM
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Getting away from the initial sighting location, letting things settle down, then start calling from a good down wind vantage point a little later sounds like a good strategy. The good vantage point is a real challenge down here. Most places we can't see but a very short distance. Thanks for the reply.

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