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Old 12-05-2021, 05:21 PM
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Default Freeking cold, snow and WIND

Another one.
We found a spot that the forecast was for light snow and light wind.
BUT to keep the forecasters on their toes Montana weather is like a woman reaching "That age"
We drove 140 miles in a full-blown blizzard.
Snow drifting across the highway and 14*.
We kept going on the promised forecast.
We get to our first planned set a little before we could see to shoot. 20 mph wind 4" snow on the ground, not what you would call calling weather, but we were whew and you can't kill them sitting on your couch at home. We head off into the wind, snow, and darkness to a point on our GPS that said we were on the edge of a HUGE break. As the belated arrival of day brake came we could see it was in fact a very large brake. The wind was sideways and hard and cold the snow was building fast. Great day we hit the caller, volume on full, and the auxiliary speaker linked. I had my 22/250 and the boy had his 12 gauge. Twelve minutes in I hear the report of his gun I looked over my right shoulder to see a dead coyote 50 yards from him and 75 from me. We let the call play for about ten more minutes. What a surprise.

We did another 5 sets that did not produce but even in that wind, we had responses we could hear.
Totally wrung out we gave up and went home.
We got one!!!
You decide !!!
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Old 12-06-2021, 03:15 PM
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I was shivering just reading that. Too cold and too windy. I would have frozen to death. Glad you and your son stuck it out and whacked one.
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Old 12-06-2021, 06:04 PM
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Kudos to you and your buddy for "Endeavoring to persevere". I feel obligated to share a trick my nephew, Danny Sipe, and I kind of lucked into some 25 years ago. The weather went nuts on us, and what promised to be a dying wind by early morning, turned out to be an increase in wind speed to about 30 mph, and a corresponding drop in temperature.

There was a time that even hard core hunters like us would have headed home to a hot cup and a fireplace, but we were in prime coyote habitat, and I decided we might as well try something different for at least ten to 20 minutes. I was using a Johnny Stewart ecaller that featured a remote control that worked a lot like a garage door opener. We sat up back to back, with me looking dead into the wind, Danny looking a wide downwind hollow and hillside. I was near the top of a gully that fed over the hill to a corresponding gully on the other side. Turned the caller on full volume right into the teeth of the wind, and that was spreading sound all over the downwind side in every conceivable direction. About 10 minutes into the set, Danny says "Here he comes, Unc", and by just rolling my eyes to the left, I could see his downwind, and a big grey alpha male was boiling down an open hillside from a newly constructed street, and I started working him by silencing the caller when he was moving, turning it back on lower volume when he stopped to listen. I stopped him at about 125 yards from Danny, where he provided a perfect sit down shot, and Danny hit him dead center in the shoulder, DRT without a quiver.
This technique has worked several times over the years when caught out in nearly impossible wind conditions. Funny how it got warm suddenly when Danny folded that big old coyote. He was a battle scarred alpha male, no doubt the resident calf killer in that area.
Al Prather,
Foxpro Field Staff
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