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Old 04-28-2019, 12:55 AM
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Default California public land hunt at altitude

I left the house early Thursday evening. Taking my time I pulled into my first stand area around 11pm. I got out of the truck, stretched and took a big breathe of fresh cold mountain air. Exactly what I needed!!

After getting my gear situated and with on one to chat with, I just rolled out the Canvas Cutter in the back of the truck. Setup took 3 minutes and I crawled inside and had it zipped up in less than 6!

The thing is AMAZING!!! I slept like I was in a hotel bed. I woke up once to close up the openings because I got a chill but after that, I slept through the night.

Here is what I woke up to

Untitled by seebass7400, on Flickr

On my first stand, with my truck directly behind me 100 yards away I sat in front of a bush facing south. At 12 minutes a coyote came running passed me from behind at 10 feet to my right!! It got to the caller 12 paces away and stooped for a split second. I got my shotgun up and on it but wasn't able pull the trigger because I would've destroyed my Shockwave. It jumped over the bush the caller was in and left straight away not giving me a safe shot on the way out.

I made another 10 blank stands before getting to what I consider my "Honey Hole" public land spot. I saved my best spot for the last stand of the day. I have posted coyotes from this exact spot numerous times on this forum over the years!

I got set up a little high on a burm overlooking this meadow with the wind in my face. I start EVERY stand with Vole Squeaks for 2-3 minutes and then Prairie Dog distress for a few more. This stand was no different. After 3 minutes I switched to PDD and at 5 minutes a coyote cleared a tree and came to a stop at 100 yards looking directly at me. I had to turn to my right but I had to wait... For a heart pounding minute the coyote checked me out! As it turned and walked away, I turned and went back to Vole Squeaks. It stopped at 125 yards and looked back. I was ready. DRT!

Untitled by seebass7400, on Flickr

What was planned for a 2 day hunt ended up being a 1 day hunt because of all the snow I had to trudge through! Yeah yea, I know... I'm totally out of shape!!!

As I was heading down the hill I passed this huge open snow filled meadow that had a coyote in it 400 yards off the road. I drove passed and stopped in some trees a 1/4 mile up the road. I was able to sneak along the tree line until I got to about 250 yards away when the coyote finally looked my way. I sat down with my back against a rock and dialed up to 12 power. I watched the coyote for a second while my caught my breathe. When I was ready I inhaled and squeezed the trigger. I heard the THWACK and watched her tip over stiff!

This was a MASSIVE female! Her neck was huge! She was also bred and had big teets. Looked to be close to having a litter any day now.

Untitled by seebass7400, on Flickr

Another successful public land hunt for the books here in California!!
Carlos Garcia- California Coyote Hunting
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Old 04-28-2019, 02:18 PM
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Congrats, Nice shooting
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Old 05-23-2019, 12:24 AM
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Way to go Carlos!

Great pictures!
Bob Morris - Foxpro Field Staff
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Old 06-23-2019, 01:37 AM
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Congrats on your successful hunt. Thanks for sharing the awesome pictures.
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