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Old 11-23-2019, 07:13 PM
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Default This has been taking a huge part of my time

therd Water test
Too bad the wind was 50 mph and cool we would have made some
adjustments on the river bank.
The movement of the motor and other weight back helped a bunch.
I still can move the motor but a lot of effort.
I was going to move it a foot then chickened out and went with 6".
Could have gone 8".
I'm going to lift the prop end another inch I went with 2 the first time.
We had troubles with the 64" prop hitting water as it splashes in the back, It eroded the prop some in a 15-minute test. I could get 3900 rpm with the new gears that put me around 2500 rpm on the prop.
We put the 3 blade 59" prop on with the steepest pitch blocks I can get. 4600 motor rpm that's 2900 rpm on the prop.
Max for the prop is 3100, And I don't want to run that many rpm if I don't have to. I'll try a different sprocket I have. I can back off to 1.3 instead of 1.6 ratio. If I can get 3700 on the motor that's 2850 on the prop. About the same and 800 rpm less on the motor.
Here is the test vid.

You decide !!!
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Old 11-24-2019, 05:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Jingles View Post
Here is a different direction for this thread.
Have not gotten out and done any hunting since getting back from the Elk hunt in UT but have managed to finish the construction of the inside of the Man Cave. laminated and drywall Walls, Windows, laminated Floor, Reloading bench and storage shelves. Do have some furnishings, 7 foot black bear, 4 x 8 Mule deer, Table & chairs, stocked bar (CR only), propane fireplace. Actually calling it the Dog House and anyone that has been married for any length of time (especially 49 years) can relate to.
Would post pictures but can't figure it out
Doc sounds fantastic.....as for the pics....try the Imgur website. It's so easy this gimped up wilting Ordnance squid can do it...; )
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