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Stopped by my buddies small sheep farm this morning. Mentioned that there had been a few coyotes hanging around annoying his dogs. As I am pulling in I see 3 coyotes loitering out passed his barn. I get to the barn and take a lean off a chunk of machinery. I think they had figured something was up had moved out to around 250 yards. I shoot the biggest of the 3 and it starts the spin. Move on to number 2, and this where I needed a video camera cause I still can't believe it. I am drawing a bead on the back of its head and as I pull the trigger I see another coyote in the scope. The one I had shot initially had got back on it feet and cut right into the bullets path again. I actually looked up trying to figure out where the other coyote had come from cause I didn't realize what had happened. The first shot was right in the chest and the second went a little further back and gave me a little stitching. Was gonna put in a set or two, but the wind was starting to get up and I had 4 coyotes that needed skinning.

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