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Originally Posted by Chris B View Post
Kec - as of right now we just dispose them. We talk about trying to eat one every time we go but so far we just havenít been able to bring ourselves to do it lol.

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thanks - was wondering if you found any value in them other than the hunting experience. Some probably wonder why one would just kill crows and dispose of them with no added value other than the hunting experience. Being a crow and waterfowl hunter myself, crows tend to do a lot of crop damage (mellons/fruits-in the east), as well as destroy waterfowl and other nesting bird eggs and turtle eggs. Not to mention their natural destructive and annoyance characteristics. Just thought some might want to know that killing them does serve a purpose and they are NOT just being killed without merit.

just thought I'd pass that along for those who may be on the fence for hunting them. I use my crow meat for channel cat fish and other catfish bait - try it you might like it. I would never eat!
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