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Default Record Crow Day!

After a few week break I decided to take a vacation day yesterday and go do some crow hunting at the farm we picked up this year. Let me tell you, this was one for the books! Got set up by sunrise and as soon as we heard the first crow sound off, we had a constant wave of singles and doubles dropping in to check us out. We stayed quiet, just responding w some light hand calls as needed. I ended up going 8 for 8 in the first hour! We didn’t even use the foxpro caller until noon, which by then we figured we had around 17. Of course we had some that hopped away and a couple that we hit and watched fly a few hundred yards before falling but we were on fire! The wind picked up for a few hours but playing two foxpro’s on high volume running crow fight (10 minutes on, 15 minutes quiet) helped us call in a handful in crappy conditions. The shooting definitely got tough in the high wind. From 4 to 5 o’clock the wind calmed a lot and we caught the groups heading back towards their roost and the shooting was hot again. We knocked down about 9 in that last bit of time just running dueling crow fights w the foxpros. Shattered our previous record of 18! One thing worth mentioning was that as we killed a few crows, we’d go out and set them up and incorporate them into our decoy set. We have about 9 decoys and 1 scout that we start w but we found that the more dead crows we used in our setup, the easier it was to get them to drop in...even in the high winds

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