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Default Dead cow update.

UPDATE !! Strong north west winds today & perfect for the deer stand setup near the dead cow. got there at 3.00 & used the coyote vocals sparingly then 15 minutes of silence. went with a coyote /fox fight & one committed. popped him & he was down but struggling, left him & went to pup distress 3 & another came out right past the downed one. pow ! she took off !! waited about 15 minutes to see if any more would come. I found the second one about 50 yards away. the first one dragged itself off & i couldn't find it but he's toast. and yes as you can see i brought a rifle to the fight this time !!! well i cant get the photo attached , it says the file size is to large. Dang it !

if someone want to help me with posting the pic i can e-mail it or text it.

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