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Originally Posted by 2manyguns View Post
i have had 3 of the ruger 77/44 stainless and i thought the accuracy was poor on its best day// i believe this was due to the 1x20 twist / they didnt like any thing less than a 270 gn pill / my best was the 270 speer and the 300 sierra (when you can find it ) on the other hand the Marlin 1894 lever gun with its 1x38 twist seems to be accurate through the range of jacketed bullets and does really well with a tite fitting cast bullet. i have had 1 of the ruger 77/357 and the accuracy was excellant with cast and jacket bullets in 158 gn, the only problem with that rifle was feeding from the rotary mag with flat nose pills i am have the same problem with a ruger american in 300 blk out with every thing but pointed bullets// the ruger lever gun model 96/44 feels like it should be used to paddle a boat or club seals on the ice // i also have several of the ruger 77 in various calibers and i dont think there is a finer off the rack made hunting and general screwing around rifle //at present i have the 77/22 and 77/22 mag both excellant small game and pest shooting rifles
2manyguns I just thought it would be nice to have one, do I need it ? sure like a hole in my head lol, I all ready have a Henery Bigboy in the 44mag that has the 1/38 twist that shoots 1Moa @ 100 yards.
Thanks for the heads up though.
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