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Default Set up

To start I put out two decoys a doe and a buck. I set them 50yds up wend from my stand Or blind My blind is a GMC Van I have a standing permit that lets me hunt from a truck And shoot from it. I start with the Fawn bleat set at 25 vl. or higher if the wind is higher. For 15 to 25 min. Then I go to raging buck Set at 15 to 20 val. for two rounds then go to Doe in rut for 4 rounds same setting. Then go to bucks fighting Set at 25 to 30 val. for 2 min or longer. then do it all over. this has worked for me for 5 year. The rut needs to be strong. In IL NOV. 1 to Dec. Or when it gets too dam cold to go. I hope it works for you.

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