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What brand and kind of scope are you using? I don't have experience with Marlins but have had scopes in the past on my rifles go bad (not a common problem) but never the less it happens. The easiest way to confirm would be to swap out the scope to one you know hasn't any problems. Some scopes in my past would not adjust consistently and some need a little tap on the turret to help set the spring (typical of cheaper Leupolds) I usually use a pocket knife held loosely between thumb and fore finger to tap on those Leupolds; other wise takes a couple of shots to settle in those weak springs.
The only other thing - given your description of hard extraction is you may have some crud built up in the chamber that may need a more aggressive cleaning with something like "wipe out" - let sit overnight. Without knowing more of the history of your rifle (hope I didn't offend you) I am throwing out some ideas and I hope this helps, good luck.
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