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Default State schoot trust lands in Montana, check it out.

I was just out at the FWP to get all my licenses.
You all know how we have a use permit on our Conservation license? That does let up access state trust lands to hunt and fish BUT.
Not recreational shooting only hunting and fishing, AND.
Coyotes, gophers, and P dogs are NOT game animals, so your, are Not "Hunting" where you're shooting them. Your permit does NOT let you use state lands for that. We need to have the additional use permit for recreation, another ten bucks, permit.
I Talked with the Warden at the Regional FWP office in Great Falls. SOOO All that said when we go out and sight in or test loads or shoot gophers, we all need the recreational state use permit. You have to ask for it when you get all licensed up. Including calling coyotes... This pertains to nonresidents too.
BE advised
You decide !!!
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