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I reload.
I also shoot coyotes at 80 yards+ with great results.
I can't afford to use tungsten or heavy shot either.
I load lead F shot or lead TT shot 22 caliber, 21 caliber.
A 3" Rio hull and a bunch of "Steel" powder.
47 pellets or 49 pellets ( 1.5 oz) over 1500 fps and a .669 extended ported choke tube.
I use a red dot on my 870 super express or M3500 Stoeger 30" barrel, pistol grip stock on both.
They both pattern with an average of 10 hits on a 10" paper plate at 75 yards.
I have multiple pass-through shot even at 80 yards.
BE warned there is a LOT of recoil too.
You decide !!!
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