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I reload for my .223, 22-250, .243, and 7mm WSM. I bought a 25-06 barrel for my TC prohunter and was planning on reloading for it also. I decided not to reload for it because it shot great with Hornady Custom 117gr. soft points. It shoots awesome with those. Several of my friends shoot 25-06's also and they claim to be accurate with about any load. But I only use the 25-06 for deer hunting. I have heard that they're great guns for dogs and varmints also, but I just havent because of my other guns. The 25-06 is flat-shooting with little recoil. My girlfiend has killed more deer with my 25-06 than I have. There are several bullet weights for this caliber so I think it should work well for about anything. Hope that helps!!
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