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Default Wildfire remote

Hi Guys hope you are all safe and well, had a chap contact me regarding have a look at a friends Foxpro Wildfire remote , and I said yes not a problem as the contact buttons go on them quite often , he said I think he has tried to get into it , I said not a problem tell him to send me some pics well I was gob smacked when I got these lol he said he couldnt find a way in and was told it would just be a micro switch and replace that it would be good to go lol this is why we need a repair guy in the the Uk , he got another remote from Bushwear but it didnt work and they said it would be April before they get one so he will miss all winters calling , its a joke you guys dont know how lucky you are to have the Foxpro boys over there here are the pics if I can up load them lol take care and stay image000000 (1).jpg

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