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Jingles 06-23-2019 11:53 AM

55 gr VMax
Anyone out there reloading for your MSR using 55 gr V MAX? If so what kind of results are you getting and would you mind sharing your recipe?
Yes I know the price of ammo has dropped considerably and it is almost (yes Almost) cheaper to purchase factory but hey when you have as many pieces of brass to fill as I do why not reload, even if one is using a single stage press?
Thanks in advance

Pat 06-10-2020 10:15 AM

Not sure if this will help. I have loaded 50gr V-Max.

Cookie1125 09-14-2020 11:39 PM

I realize the original post over a year old but I've had good results with the 55gr V-Max. Settled on 25.8gr of Varget. It gets them going about 3100fps out of my 24in BCA upper. For me there was no signs of pressure and I had tried up to almost a full grain higher before seeing any pressure but my SD and groups were better at this charge. Not sure if I'll stick with it or not as I get slightly better results with the 55gr Blitzking and Varget.

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Weasel 09-15-2020 01:36 PM

Most excellent, Cookie1125!!!!! if you miss a shot we are going to blame you and not the load or rifle. :D

After several falls with my rifle and then missing a couple of coyotes I decided I had better sight my rifle back in. It wasn't even on the paper at 100 yds. I thought for a moment that I should just leave it alone so I could have an excuse for missing. I gave in and and remounted the scope and sighted it in. Hopefully I won't miss any time soon because now I won't have an excuse.

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