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DoubleUp 05-19-2021 01:42 AM

Single In The Dead Zone
We got a call today from one of the local duck clubs that they are having trouble with coyotes. We do control work for four different duck clubs plus several hunting clubs and coyote destruction in farmers fields. This is the time of year that some of the clubs are raising ducks in their impoundments and the coyotes take a toll on them. So, I scouted it out this afternoon, and we went back tonight. I called this one out and my partner made a nice DRT shot at about 85 yds. We also had 4 bears in the field all at one time, so that was interesting keeping an eye on them. Here is the coyote. by Double Up, on Flickr


Weasel 05-19-2021 05:15 PM

That coyote dropped like he was poleaxed. Excellent!

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