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KPH 04-27-2017 11:01 PM

Last year I had my first bird in maybe 15 min of first shooting time and went on to get 2 more. This year has been different, I almost gave up after chasing them up one hill and down the other and couldn't get one to come to me no matter what. Yesterday it all changed went into a area on our lease that I haven't been in before because I was unsure of the boundaries. I had figured out what they where so that is where I headed. At about 8:00 I heard him so I called once and sat down got sat up and wanted. He gobbled a few more times but I didn't call back. I thought he may be hened up and they would lead him off He gobbled a few times but getting closer. Finally he stepped out and most likely busted me. He was so intense finding the hen he paid no attention to me well he had a 9.5 beard. So I am going back in the morning to see if I can find his brother.

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