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Weasel 02-25-2014 03:21 PM

Swampbuck10 is a TV star
Great tips and information for all in this video.

the brum 02-25-2014 04:03 PM

TV Star
I really enjoyed your presentation to calling. NIce to see a face to swamp bucket . I reconized your caller with the stand that you built. Very educational for the newbie or the seasoned caller. It was nice to see weasels call on there too. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge with us look forward to seeing more from you sir. your friend The Brum god bless you!

QUATTRO 02-25-2014 07:15 PM

Great video..thanks for sharing...

SWAMPBUCK10PT 02-26-2014 05:10 PM

Glad you guys enjoyed the show-----It was fun making it except it was 10 below that afternoon----Discovering is a local U.P. Sportsmen show on TV-6 every Monday night---Its been on the air for 31 years and hosted by Buck La Vassure--He just retired and Brain Whitens is the new host--I've done a few shows for Buck over the years--Goose hunting ,Trapping and many Predator shows so Brain asked me to do this one with Him----He wants to do a night hunting one this fall---Thanks Guys-----------sb

Hoosier Daddy 02-26-2014 11:54 PM

That was pretty cool , its always neat to see others tactics on calling , no matter how good and how much you think you know , you can always learn something new from someone on your same level , i'm not ashamed at all ........great job on the video and thanks !!

gordiefishnfool 02-27-2014 12:57 PM

Great job on the video.What closed reed rabbit distress call was that?

SWAMPBUCK10PT 02-27-2014 04:47 PM

GFF THATS one of my new calls---It was made by Rodney {Bigdrowdy1} from Texas -He's on Predator Talk fourm-everyone needs a hand call like this -works from both ends--double reed facing end for end-e-mail Sure he'd make one for you--can't wait to use it ----other calls were made by Weasel, Dog Breath,prairriewolf and the late Rich Cronk--FOX PRO HELLFIRE-all great call makers---had lots more to show but ran out of time---Glad you enjoyed the show------sb---------

30-40 kraig 02-28-2014 09:37 AM

That's a lot better video than some of the yahoo's on the pursuit channel.

SWAMPBUCK10PT 03-03-2014 04:06 PM

HEY GUYS-Didn't listen to my own advice--made one stand out behind my house just before last light yesterday afternoon was on stand 31 min's about froze it was -16---got up to leave and there was Mr coyote sitting there watching me get up about 80 yds away---Oh well maybe next time

the brum 03-04-2014 08:44 AM

end of your set
Ive had this happen many times to me but when you think your set is over scan for another 10 minutes or so I have shot way too many at this point in the game to leave prematurely give it a little more time you,d be surprised how many you get! Shoot straight and be safe The Brum

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