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dutchsoccer1 12-06-2015 09:10 AM

Shot Size for Crows
What size shot y'all use for crow hunting:cool:

2manyguns 12-06-2015 10:13 AM

shot size
i have a pee pot full of #4 remington shotgun shells that worked pretty well. I have used a lot of 7.5 and 8 shot with good results.

Possumal 12-06-2015 12:27 PM

7 or 7.5 magnum shot.

long shot 12-06-2015 05:05 PM

7 1/2 low brass work good for me out of my old A5 light

Ramrod 12-06-2015 05:43 PM

7.5 or 8 for me, pattern master extended range choke tube works great.

Longhunter1750 12-06-2015 06:36 PM

3in #6 or 7's through a modified choke works well for me.

TN Song Dog 12-08-2015 02:02 AM

6 heavy loads. Have also used cheap federal 7.5 from wally world. A modified choke.

Possumal 12-09-2015 12:51 PM

In a conversation I had with Bob Aronsohn, he indicated that magnum shot are possibly more important than the size. A harder shot keeps its shape better and will penetrate through bone and wing.

dutchsoccer1 12-17-2015 11:09 AM

Thanks everyone for the info, definitely will try out magnum shot:tiphat:

jacobhwrd 12-28-2015 07:46 PM

While you can kill crow with BB if you really wanted to your best bet is going to be a run of the mill target load of 8 or 7 1/2 shot. There are a few reasons for this. First and for most crow arent as tuff as most people like to think due to their size. They will come down very easy. Crow hunting is a game of high volume so you will spend yourself broke trying to buy high brass upland game loads of #6s. I run 8 shot out of a modified choke almost all of the time now. I used larger shot size before and had MUCH better results with 8s. I do still use the upland loads when i run and gun though. The 1 1/4 oz of #6s in a high brass shell will give the extra reach i need for the high flyers i deal with from hard calling.

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