View Full Version : How to find out sound length?

02-12-2013, 01:18 AM
Is there a list of the duration times of the various FoxPro sounds?

I'm trying to design some sequences for my self and I'm wondering how long some of the sound files are. For example, how long is the Vole Squeaks sound file? I want to start off one sequence with 3-4 minutes of soft Vole Squeaks to give things a little more time to settle down and (maybe) pull in a coyote that's laid up very close. I'm not sure how many times to repeat the sound to achieve this.

I'm looking for a shortcut to actually timing some of these sounds.

I'm not trying to make an exact science out of it but I don't know if (for example) the Vole Squeaks plays for 30 seconds or 5 minutes. Its pretty late here and I don't think my wife would be very happy if I start running the caller right now, LOL!