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12-08-2009, 11:49 AM
i can download sounds from foxpro put them into my fx3 w/no problems at all... i tryed to get one sound from varmint al's page.. i can download it w/no problems to foxpro folder but i cant get it to show up when i go to the foxpro programs page... ive transfered it to the sounds and backup folder and the sounds in each folder shows up but the sound from varmint al's don't... is it because it don't have a number ? ....i want the interagation howl if foxpro has it ill purchase it from them i seen the interg howl from foxpro caller's list of calls on all predator calls .com site where i buy some items now and then ..maybe it;s no longer avalable so what's the trick so it will so up in the program's list thank's for any sugestion;s very much.ron (irwildcat)