View Full Version : Decoy Spread - How to?

01-31-2012, 12:07 PM
Whats your opinion on propery decoy set up?

I hunt an open field but I have some Austrian Pines that I hide in. There are about 20 of them spread out at the edge of the field. I hunt in between 2 pines with a camo blind (shield) in front of us to hide us from the front.

I have about 20 crow decoys, FX3 Caller, 1 Wind Motion Crow decoy (spinning wings) and an Owl decoy.

I normally set up 75% of the decoys in the field in front of me about 5yards apart from each other looking in different directions. I spread them out about to cover 25yards length from left to right. I then put the rest of the decoys in the tree just to my left about 20 yards away and 10' high. IF I use the Owl decoy I have it on a post about 3' from the ground in the field (no crow decoys on the ground, only a few in the tree). Sometimes I have my Jack-in-the-box and I put it on for motion which seems to get them coming sometimes.

Anyway...Id like to hear your comments on my setup and/or your setup. Thanks!


02-17-2012, 07:08 AM
My personal preference for ground dekes are 35yds out. The crows will circle in quite a large circle & this puts me on the outer edge.

You also need to be hidden from them in a full 360* blind. You will get back doored by them easily. Another good thing to have is a blind a little taller than you. About arms reach high is what I like to stay hidden well til the moment of truth.