View Full Version : Spitfire "Turn on Caller"

11-28-2011, 09:58 PM
Well I too am having issues. I have programmed the sounds purchased from FP and programed them as per FP instruction using the FP utility program. All sounds were copied to a 2GB Staples Micro SD card (formated fat32) and varified. No duplicate sounds, and sounds allocated from 000-023. I purchased the FP USB card read/writer and transfer cable direct from FOXPRO utilizing both. I installed the transfer cable as per the video instructions and the remote is stuck on "Turn on Caller". Need advice please.

12-02-2011, 02:56 PM
Spoke with Scott and Joe from FoxPro Tech dept. I must say that FoxPro certainly knows how to treat customers right. Both gentlemen took me through a series of tests, and we did figure out that the Staples Brand 2GB Micro SD was the issue. I then purchased a Kingston 2GB Micro SD, got home and plugged it into the computer, named the card SP1 and formatted it with the FAT32. I then went into my FoxPro utility program, and loaded my sounds onto the card as described on website video. Took my SD card out of the computer, placed it into the caller, and followed the instructions on the web site for uploading the sounds to my TX24. This time the transfer worked in less than 10 seconds :D
1. FoxPro Customer Service Rocks!! :tiphat:
2. Staples 2GB Micro SD Card does NOT work in the Spitfire!
3. Kingston 2GB Micro SD Card DOES work in the Spitfire!