View Full Version : crows and the new CS-24

03-04-2011, 03:01 PM
well had to give it a test at my shack. right now we have crows, ravens every where in the fields munchin pecans and drinking water. flyin back north I guess most of them are.
I played crow party and crow fight Holly Crap..hundereds of them came to the shack and were circling 20 foot over the speaker and making one heck of a racket.lol.
the boy child made a video of them.

then I got some pay back with the neighbors and their barking dawgs that bark all day while the folks are at work are where ever they go.
I did some mt. lion and a bunch of differnt rabbit sounds then some coyote barks yips.

hehehe. every body was out side wondering what was going on and trying to settle their dawgs down. TODAY. no barking dawgs. love it.