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02-07-2011, 11:37 PM
Hey guys, nice to e-meet you :D

I had a question on the Bob A sound pack(crows). I wanted to preview the sounds and cannot find them. Is their anywhere to listen to these? Are they real crow sounds or recorded sounds produced with a handcall?


02-08-2011, 01:13 AM
Hi! Bob should be checking in soon.

Keith in Ga
02-08-2011, 09:19 AM
Henry, the sounds (I think) are made using a mouth call, but they sound good, and a lot different from the foxpro sounds. However, I tried the new sounds on a field that I shot the week before (with old sounds) with about a 100 crows in the field. I changed locations across the road, and with the new sounds.......never called in a crow! Moved again, still within ear shot, and tried again. Two set ups and never fired a shot! Crows get educated in a hurry. Guess I should have given the field more of a rest.

02-09-2011, 04:10 PM
I bought the spit fire to try it as the one hunting store carrying FP here in NB Canada did not have the Fury or CS 24 which I intended to buy but I needed something for this coming weekend, so we bought what they had. We have been hunting crows here and having very good luck(average 20 per shoot, sometimes more) with handcalls and decoys (16 decoys, one triple play(3 fully flocked deeks with a motor which moves them a few inches stops and lets them spin a little) and a crow with moving wings) along with 2-3 garbage bags filled with styrofoam which we then take really fine red gift paper and poke it into the bag to resemble stuff hanging out(the kind you use when your to lazy to wrap a gift and you stick it in a bag with this thin wrapping stuff ;) )

We are fighting with camo though, seems no matter how much we blend with the surroundings, we still only shoot 1 out of every 5-8 potential crows as they see us out at 60-70 yards and turn or veer off. Now I know a caller will not stop that but I'm just painting a picture of what we are seeing to get some feedback. We have been adding pieces to our setups (first no deeks, then a dozen, then 16 deeks, then the moving deeks and then we added the garbage bags(with deeks surrounding) which to be honest really gave them something to lock onto and not focus on us.
This weekend, we plan to add in the caller, and where we have so much snow(waist high) we are going to dig ourselves a snow fort Ďif you willí and really take the camo issue out of the equation.

Few questions from those who have been doing setups:

1. Do crows see UV- thoughts are to wash and spray down our camo/clothes?
2. Do less or more decoys make a big difference?
3. Has anyone had more luck with flocked decoys vs plastic hard shell.
4. Any particular call sequence work better then others. Favorite call(e or hand)
5. Should we introduce an owl decoy to really get them angry.
6. Has anyone used the spitfire with an extra speaker?
7. Any suggestions on a portable blind as most of what I have seen have not be the type you can shoot thru the roof, well we probably could and air conditioning would not be needed during the warmer months. 

FYI, I just took my caller out to the yard as I hadnít tried it yet other then to tease my dogs, and Iím just on the border of city limits and tried the crow fighting call. WOW, within a minute and a half I had screaming crows circling my truck. Even when I turned it off (had to , the wife was texting me that my three labs were freaking right out inside the house) they still hung around. Let me tell you, that really got me fired up, I jumped on the phone and called my hunting buddy right up and then proceeded to get him wired for sound. Fricken work, seems to always get in the way of hunting, c'mon saturday :mad:

I bought another chip and I am going to down load every crow call and just make a single card for crows and test them all. I will keep everyone posted on the results and try and grab some pictures of our setup and its results as well. Very interesting Keith on the educated crows... between you and I, I bet with enough trial and error we can get that licked as well if we work together. I have a few keys spots that I hunt and I try to let them rest and so far they have not turned sour. Mind you these are flyways and major gathering spots, just the same, once we educate them, the next game plan will be to figure out how to entice them. ( I tournament bass fish and half the fun...is being a student)

btw. sorry for the long post...a big part of hunting for me is the chatter and stories and well... my wife doesn't fully get it and well... the dogs, they listen super well but their a little slack in the feedback department :D

Thanks for the feedback thus far and any other feedback you may have.

-Henry A

02-17-2011, 02:41 PM
Did I ask a taboo question?


02-17-2011, 09:46 PM
No Henry, you didn't ask a taboo question. I can tell you what has been working for my son and I. We usually use just 3 flocked decoys. I used to use the owl but I haven't used it in a while and we still call in crows. Our camo is really nothing special but we do wear camo gloves and a camo face net. I haven't used Bob's calls. We use FoxPro's Dying Crow and Crow Fight but we also use the hawk/crow and the owl/crow sounds plus some Johnny Stewart sounds.

We don't get snow here so I don't know anything about hunting in the snow. :rolleyes:

We wait about 3 weeks before hunting the same spot again. And we use an FX-3 and we have used it with an external speaker. I can't answer about the Spitfire but I would assume it would work with an external speaker also.

Good luck :)


Keith in Ga
02-18-2011, 12:08 PM
It seems that I have a hard time putting "learned" calls and techniques together from year to year. There are so many variables shooting migratory crows......not knowing how much they have been called/shot at during their travels. Not to mention, Bob must be killing most of the crows that were supposed to come to Ga. My foxpro has produced very little the last few trips. My old Lohman mouth call still brings them in pretty good. My all time favorite was my Johnny Stewart caller using "crow and owl fight". I sure wish I would get that sound on my foxpro! I think the crows are getting smarter........and I'm not!

04-14-2011, 01:10 PM
My family and I have hunted crows for years. The biggest key to success I've found is saying hid. When the leaves are off the trees, a pine tree is great to hide in. If you're not well hid, the crows will start veering off long before they're in shotgun range. I've taken others with me hunting who complained they only had a couple spots to shoot though the leaves. That also means the crows only have a few spots to see you!

I'm sure if crows see UV rays, but we never worried about it. Just whatever camo we had on had was used.

I've owned crow and owl decoys, but haven't used them in years. They normally just weren't worth the hassle of dragging them out into the woods.

As far as calls, 99% of the time I've just used a fighting crow sound (8 track, cassette, or MP3 over the years). Sometimes I'll use a crow hand call or hawk call tossed in as well.

Bob Aronsohn
08-06-2011, 06:13 PM
Henry A,

In regard to question # 4 you asked which call sequence works best? This depends on if you are field hunting them or flyway hunting them. For field hunting you are better off using a feeding call, come here call or recognition call. The reason is because these calls are much less aggressive and you use them sparingly, in effect you let the deks work for you. If you were to use hard calls in this type of setup such as a fighting call or distress call the crows would pick out your setup as a phony long before getting into range. The reason why is because they would not see any crows flying around in the air!

Now for flyway shoots the hard calls work very well because you are not out in the open like on a feed field. You use the timber as cover and use tree decoys. Now you want to hunt on a flyway shoot in a spot where the tree decoys move around from the breeze, this helps a lot. Now a word of caution here, if you plan to hunt where the wind is above 20 mph you had better find a spot out of the wind. If your tree decoys are dancing around to much it does not look natural and the crows will not buy your setup!

Question # 7 Blinds:

In my opinion you are just to restricted hunting crows with a roof. If you have ever seen any of my crow hunting dvd's you will see why right away.

08-06-2011, 07:25 PM
I'd recommend to anyone that is really interested in learning about crow calling to get Bob A.'s dvd's. His setups and use of decoys is what gets it done, and knowing where to set up. I believe that Bob will back up the statement that crows veer off and don't return more because of what they don't see than what they do. I have seen guys that were totally paranoid that the crows were seeing them, and that was giving them away. What really happens is you crank up an ecaller with any good fighting sounds, or crow and hawk fight, crow and owl fight, and they come in looking for something to support all that ruckus. They see 4 or 5 crow decoys and nothing moving, and they know that is not the real deal. In Bob's dvd's you will quickly see that he uses his experience to set up in the right place to mess them up before they have a chance to figure out something is wrong.

10-18-2011, 08:34 AM
Thanks for the feedback. You are spot on with the crows coming in to fight sounds and looking for the supported action only to not see it. I am going to pick up Bob's DVD's as there is no substitute for proper setup and audio. Thanks a million to both Bob and Foxpro, you are enabling us weekend warriors to be better and more successful. Nothing worse then standing in your blind, in the middle of a shoot on the one day you can hunt after working hard all week and the conversation is completely about "What are we doing wrong" or "How do we..." when it should be high fives and fist pumps!! :)

Thanks again for sharing your experience and well made products. Sincerely!!

-Henry A

11-02-2011, 02:12 PM
Ok, so I ordered Bob's DVD's(Crow Hunt v1,Crow hand calling and Crow shooting). Great videos, lots of shooting. What I devised from the hunts, was the following(among other details). Setup off the main flight paths. Always have your crows in a tree-14-18 max and build your self a nice little blind(really like the setup Bob uses-simple-effective). Hedgerows or tree lines are a must-which we have noticed on our past shoots as well. It seems better to have crows coming from your right with decoys in the tree on your right(in some cases you could tell the wind was on his left so not 100% if this is always the ideal setup but seemed to be-I would assume soemtime you just cannot get the perfect setup based on the variables you cannot control). Whatever your shooting over(trees, brush) determine how close or how far your blind is from your decoys and incoming crows(In other wards, pay attention to the angle at which your shooting at when setting up. In the videos Bob is using his electric caller with a standard crow noise in ever one and backing it up with a hand call. I found it interesting that his comeback calls(which in hearing were worth the price of the DVD's right there) were effective and some better then others.

Has anyone seen his other DvD's? I am wondering if in the others he gets more detailed on why he chooses where he does his setup. Reasoning on the way he sets up and how he determines or decides on how many decoys to set out etc etc etc. Just more of the finer details on the whys and hows.

I sold my Spitfire and called Zach at Foxpro yesterday with the intention to order a Krakatoa. I ended up talking myself out of it and ordered the CS-24 with an extra speaker and some other goodies. I cannot wait to get this caller. Totally pumped!!
Zach at Foxpro was super to deal with and answered all my questions- which I had a lot of. We had such great success with the Spitfire that I cannot wait to have the extra features and increased volume. Its going to help round off the gear part of hunting and allow us to continue to focus on educating ourselves on our stand/decoy setups and get it down pat. Thanks again for the assistance Zach- first class!


11-02-2011, 03:15 PM

Like I told you on the phone it was a pleasure talking with you and working with you through your decision. You were in quite a predicament when we started talking! However, I do not think that you will be disappointed one bit with the CS-24B. From what I told you yesterday and today as well it is a great caller! I will be updating you on the progress of the order as well, I am not sure if it will leave our facilities today. Hopefully we have it out tomorrow and you should be able to pick it up next week sometime and get out and see how it works! Best of luck and safe hunting Henry, if you ever need anything again you know how to get a hold of me.

02-01-2013, 03:31 PM
It seems that I have a hard time putting "learned" calls and techniques together from year to year. There are so many variables shooting migratory crows......not knowing how much they have been called/shot at during their travels. Not to mention, Bob must be killing most of the crows that were supposed to come to Ga. My foxpro has produced very little the last few trips. My old Lohman mouth call still brings them in pretty good. My all time favorite was my Johnny Stewart caller using "crow and owl fight". I sure wish I would get that sound on my foxpro! I think the crows are getting smarter........and I'm not!
Keith, FoxPro has some free calls on their site including a few crow calls. See http://www.gofoxpro.com/site/products/soundpacks/free-sound-library.php

FYI, Steve from Arkansas WPS!

02-08-2013, 01:30 AM
I was wondering if Foxpro offers a feeding call? What about # 271 Crow Party or # 280 Crows?