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12-31-2014, 04:40 PM
I'm having a serious problem updating and backing up sounds on my caller. I've updated it a few times before with no problem at all.

I downloaded a 4 pack of sounds yesterday. I removed 4 sounds from my caller and then tried to update it with the new ones I downloaded, The first sound of the list went in as 000 and would show on my remote but wouldn't actually work, all of my other sounds were blank on the remote after i tried to update, but would actually worked.

It gets worse. I tried to restore files that I backed up prior to when I updated my call the last time and it will only freezes or tells me, "can't update deleted files, update cancelled." All the files are in the same directory and none of the sounds were ever deleted from my hard drive. It won't recognize anything in 001,002, or 003, and when I look at the actual drive its on, while its plugged into my computer, it only shows 000, then 004-032 (the call only holds 32 sounds,) and it wont let me manipulate the files at all when not using the programmer and just trying to access it through windows

I've purchased a new usb a/b cable and that didn't help. I've also read the programming support on the Foxpro site and have tried everything I could think of.

ANY HELP would be Greatly Appreciated!

12-31-2014, 05:39 PM
If you know where all your files are in a folder, I'd use the FoxPro programmer, and remove everything from the ecaller. Then click on the browse from here button and find the folder where your sounds are located. Double click on any sound in the folder and it will open that folder into your source column. Then choose one sound at a time and insert them into the ecaller. When done, click on Update Caller. All that is left then is to follow the directions to download the sounds to your remote so you'll be in sync.

Might even be a good idea to take the batteries out of your remote and your ecaller, leave them out a few minutes, and then do the above. If this does not work, call FoxPro.

01-01-2015, 02:17 PM
GOOD INFO ABOVE frm POSSUMAL...He and Weasal are always 99.999% right on with their advice......rated 99.999%and not 100%, becase I haven't talked to their wives.
lite humor
Here is another quick check.....If everything was working correctly just before you loaded the first sound as the 000 sound sequence #.....check and be sure you loaded numeric Zeros (000) and not alpha OHs (OOO).....quick and easy mistake and quick correction..........

I have also been reeducating myself on loading sounds ....frm FOXPRO u-tubes on web....and could post 6-7 urls of them for those interested, down side they were posted in 2010.........I was hoping to find a few on the SHOCKWAVE /TX1000 on all the extra bells and whistles on caller.......try to get my arms around new shockwave, trying not to bug FP till I hit a road block

HAPY NEW YEAR and GOOD LUCK with problem and hunting

01-01-2015, 02:54 PM
I think you will find out that the sequences start with S00, S01 and so on. The 3 digit numbers like 000, 001, and so forth are for the regular sound files.

01-01-2015, 04:01 PM
POSSUMAL Reading PAGERs post he was talking about regular sound loading to me.......so there is something in that post that tells you SEQUENCES......A sequence to me presently (I have none nor have I built one yet) are a group of perfered sounds to use in a stand that are hand picked for specific situations.....
S01 to me right now would load and start to play (in order) a group of hand picked sounds located in S01 (to me presently that is just a title for a group of sounds, not a sound) or are you telling me very nicely that a sequence is titled differently with sounds S01, S02, S03 found under titled sequence.

Well happy new year and hope it is a great one for you and family......There are several people on site that I admire for helping all of us out and you are one of them.

Pagers post to looked like he was working with regular sound sequential numbering.

01-01-2015, 04:50 PM
If you read the directions to the File Generator concerning making sequences, the last step in there is where you are directed to a page that tells you how to put the newly created sequence on your ecaller. All the ecallers with sequences installed by FoxPro have appeared as S00, S01, etc.. As for your Cabela's Outfitter Series, it is supposed to come with 35 preloaded sounds, but I don't see anything on the site that says you can have sequences. If you have any blank spaces on your ecaller, it probably won't sync properly with your remote and therefore you get the results you are experiencing.

Try everything I have told you and make sure you have 35 properly numbered and named sounds and then see if you can download the list to your remote.

01-03-2015, 01:18 AM
I tried everythinf you told me. For some reason it wont let me do anything with 001 002 or 003. It wont even let me move current sounds on my caller into those slots.

01-03-2015, 10:50 AM
A call to FoxPro is in order then. I'll bet you that Cabela's customer support can't tell you anything about this.