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11-24-2014, 10:22 AM
Just picked up a Spitefire for a good price. It came with 24 working calls but weren't the ones I wanted. They are saved in a 'backup' folder. I've followed all the directions from "gofoxpro." The offerred sound files will save as 'Mp3' files and I can preview them from my computer. They won't play in the Spitefire. I've manually saved each file 1 by 1 and retyped the file type as .FXP. When I check on the saved file properties I'm told they are .FXP types.

All goes as should, all 000 to 023 on the remote; EXCEPT no sounds can be played as with the original 24. Using my wife's laptop yields the exact same results. Seems the .FXP ought to save as .FXP but defaults to .Mp3 files.

What's going on? Is there some semi-secret purchase for the sound files to be made somewhere? Are computers newer than the Spitefire system not accepting .FXP? I'm stuck :confused:

11-24-2014, 11:19 AM
If you are purchasing sounds from FoxPro, they should be .fxp, and should only play on a FoxPro ecaller. You can't convert them to mp3 just by telling your computer to save them as mp3. You probably need to call FoxPro and they'll be glad to walk you through the process.

11-24-2014, 06:41 PM
I'll call.

And please clarify what you mean by "if I'm purchasing from FoxPro." I've looked and all sounds are packaged in 4 or 8 or 16 sound packs. The Spitefire accepts exactly 24 sounds. Am I to bundle up 24+ sounds and select the precise 24 to load?

I'm not converting the files, they automatically save as Mp3. I've no say in the matter. There is no selection offerred on either of our systems to save as FXP. There's only Mp3 and they just default to Mp3 when saving and that's that.

11-24-2014, 10:16 PM
I was just pointing out that FoxPro's proprietary files are .fxp. You can't listen to them on a computer. They will only play on a FoxPro ecaller. I will be interested in what you find out when you talk to FoxPro.

11-24-2014, 10:19 PM
Here is what it says right on the FoxPro site:

FOXPRO Custom 4 Sound Pack
This product features 4 sound selections of your choice available in a digital-download directly from our website. Sounds are available for purchase in FXP and 24B file formats for the following list of FOXPRO digital game calls: XR6, NX3, NX4, FX3, FX5, SCORPION X1A, SCORPION X1B, SCORPION X1C, SPITFIRE, WILDFIRE, WILDFIRE 2, FIRESTORM, FURY GX7, FURY 2, PB1, PB2, PB3, CS-24, CS-24B, CS-24C, TRUCK PRO, KRAKATOA, KRAKATOA 2, CABELAS OUTFITTERS SERIES, SNOW-CROW PRO (SC3, SC5, SCP2), SUPER SNOW CROW PRO, CROSSFIRE, FUSION, OCC, HELLFIRE, SHOCKWAVE

Note: Sounds are NOT available in MP3 or other alternative file formats. The files are available only for FOXPRO game calls are not compatible with other products.