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Night Hunting If you're afraid of the dark, this might not be the right forum for you. If not, turn off your light and share your stories, post your photos, and ask away.

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Old 04-06-2014, 09:40 PM
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Default expo and hunt

Had a lot of fun and about 6 hours of sleep since Thursday. Thursday night I hunted with good friends Scott and Jenni, we were targeting predators. Jenni killed a coon and a possum, their cousin killed a coyote. Friday I had the best turnout for my seminar, met a lot of nice people and got a new hunting spot for Saturday night. Friday night we got out after hogs. We saw 3 really big ones in a field but the wind was wrong. The plan was to go past them and double back with a better wind. Problem was next field had about 15 hogs in it. Being the guy I am, we decided and hog in the hand is better than a hog in the bush. We snuck up on them with thermal devices {X320ís} and rifle mounted thermals and dropped 6 that we know of. One boar was pretty good sized but he was thin due to an old injury. We then called predators again and called in a 2 coons ,2 fox and a bobcat. Jenni made contact with a nice fox. Saturday was long and busy, I met a lot of good people and dramatized a lot a reality {this would be hunting stories}. Saturday night we met with the gentleman that had asked me to come hunt his place. His whole family was there and I let them play with all the thermal sights and toys I had to hunt with. The first field we checked had a small group of hogs in it and his 12 year old grandson got one of them. We called in 2 predators on the same field, but we were unable to identify them for a shot. We made a few more stand, but no predators. So we decided to check the first field again. There were quite a few hogs in it again. Scott and I decided to take out as many as we could and managed to get 4 of them. All in all it
was a great time with great people. Good way to spend a birthday weekend. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

I simply write what happens. God created it and made it all come together I was just blessed to be there when it did.
Glenn Guess

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