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Old 01-27-2019, 05:07 PM
Greyhunter Greyhunter is offline
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Default Wanted to say thanks!

I've been reading the forums here for a couple of months now after discovering them when I purchased my ecaller. Wanted to say a special thanks to everyone for helping out guys like me who are new to predator calling. I'm definitely not new to hunting, as I've been around a few years and am well past my way in the mid century mark. I started predator hunting 5 months ago after some pressure from my brother and somehow got hooked. So far I haven't had a lot of success here in AZ. I have 2 coyotes and 2 fox under my belt, but find the real reason I'm out there is the rush of expectancy mixed with the quiet, chilly mornings with the sun just starting to peak over the mountains in a wistful orange hue. Anyway, I want to say an extra heartfelt thanks to a few people who have helped me out with what little success I've had so they know they made a difference.

Weasel, the first to welcome me here and encourage me.
Bob Morris and Al Prather who helped me (and are still helping me) discover that there is more to this game than I imagined, and who I contribute the taking off my most recent coyote with their sage wisdom and Bob's awesome pictures that tell such a story.

Sonny Pruitt who helped me get my second fox (I wish I could say the first one was on purpose but it was more of an accident to be honest.)

I know it probably takes a lot of time and patience to walk us through what you guys have spent years learning and I wanted to say thanks and let you know that I'm putting it to use whenever I can.
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Old 01-27-2019, 06:37 PM
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Greyhunter, you are more than welcome for any help I gave you. I know that the other people mentioned feel the same way. That is one of the best things about coyote hunting, giving help to the newer hunters. I enjoy that more than making the actual kills myself. Watching my sons, grandsons, and great grandson develop their hunting skills is about as good as it gets.
Al Prather,
Foxpro Field Staff
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Old 01-27-2019, 08:39 PM
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It is a pleasure to have someone like you on the forum. I think we all enjoy the new guys and would do anything to help them get started in this passion of ours ( sunrises are awesome). Welcome aboard and glad to have you as one of us. I just answered you other post about the sound you were having issues with. They will make it right, no worries.
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Old 01-28-2019, 03:06 PM
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Thank you for being here, Greyhunter. Folks like you make the forum what it is.
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