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Old 01-16-2018, 07:08 PM
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It’s been a while since I have been able to get out to do any kind of hunting, with battling some illness and work being busy. This weekend I was finally able to get out and it happened to be a day that wasn’t in the teens. I decided to try some trees that I wasn’t able to get to at one of the spots while I had my daughter, since her little legs had her wore with the few trees we got to. The first eight trees I called were all trees that in the past at least had raccoons peek out of holes. Not so much this day. So far with only three armadillos to account for,(no family safe pictures) I try several new trees and finally at about 4pm I finally see a raccoon, actually there were five that came out of this tree. At first there were three lines up climbing down the tree and I drop the first one. I go to reload the rifle and end up short stoking the bolt and it doesn’t fully eject the shell, so I lay it down and grab the shotgun. At this point the excitement and the sense of urgency I was feeling in trying to quickly switch firearms gets the better of me and I miss. The next two hit the ground and run off with no shot through the tall grass. The fourth one out of this tree has moved out on a limb after I changed sounds and gave me a chance to get the spent case out of the rifle. I pull on him and place my crosshairs and the base of his neck as he is looking at me. I shoot and I can see a twig go flying, he instantly takes off for the hole before I can get another shot. I let the call run a little longer and out of the first hole that first three came out of was the fifth one. He sits in the crook of the big cottonwood and I knock him right out of the tree.
IMG_20180115_074906_810 by Cookie1125, on Flickr
I set these two where I can easily find them on my way out and continue downstream. I find a tree with lots of tracks and scat but nothing poked its head out. I continued further with no luck and turn back to pick up my raccoons and head to the car. As I get near to where I left them I noticed a promising tree that I somehow missed. I set up and start calling and one quickly appears. At first he was too sure and drops back into the hole. But soon climbs back out. He stays in the hole with both his front legs sticking out but just not enough for a shot. Switched sounds and he was quick to move out and down the tree. I aim pull the trigger and he hits the ground. I continue to let the sound play and another one cautiously pokes it nose out. This one plays peek-a-boo for a while before coming all the way out and down the tree but not the same route as the first. I aim, shoot and again I see a twig go flying and the raccoon return to the hole.
IMG_20180115_075030_638 by Cookie1125, on Flickr
On this trip my plan was to skin them out in the field but after I shot the first two I realized I forgot a knife, so in my attempt to get back to the car with three raccoons I was crossing the river and fell just before reaching the other side. This made for a long, cold and wet walk back. I’m just glad that the day turned out much warmer than it started and I was able to get to the car, dry off and warm up. All in all it was just great to get out of the house and away from work.
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Old 01-17-2018, 02:32 PM
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WTG, Cookie! Nice photos too.
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Old 01-21-2018, 06:57 PM
Cookie1125 Cookie1125 is offline
Join Date: Dec 2016
Location: Kansas
Posts: 59

This weekend my wife’s family came over as well as he brother who has been in California for most of the last year. I’ve been taking him hunting with me a few times over the last two years, but he usually brings me bad luck. My wife is usually bad luck for hunting as well so maybe it’s something to do with her family. Well this weekend we broke that slump as I took him coon calling with me. On our second stand I went ahead a bit and looked at three trees. On the first one I couldn’t find any holes but found that the other two each had promising looking holes in them. So we set up next to the first one as it offered a great view of the other two trees. About a minute into calling we both heard a noise over out left shoulders, and turned to see a raccoon halfway down the tree that we were set up under. I raised up and made a quick shot and he somersaulted down the tree and into the little stream at the base.
2018-01-20_03-12-44 by Cookie1125, on Flickr

We continued upstream and had a few very good looking trees come up dry and eventually came up to the tree that I took my last raccoon of last season. After a little calling one showed up at the base of the tree but spotted me as I was having to readjust to shoot and disappeared back up the tree and in the den before I could get the safety off.
The next tree had one poke its head out of a den hole clear at the top, high enough that we almost didn’t see it. He poked his head out a few times but never committed to coming out of the hole. By this time it was getting quite warm as the high made it to 60, so we called it a day with just getting the one raccoon. Glad to finally get my brother inlaw on a hunt where we have some success since he is very much new to hunting and with working in California he hasn’t had the opportunity to hunt.
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