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Old 02-14-2014, 04:51 PM
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Default Reduced radio range with FoxJack2?

I've been using a FJ2 about a year on a Spitfire. In that time I've been trying to figure out whether the radio reception range is lessened by the decoy, or whether the buttons on my remote are getting fussy. Then I saw this identical review posted on another gun/shooting site, and the reviewer remarked he was having the same problem with a Wildfire2 caller. And another member of that forum remarked that he, too, was seeing the same problem.

I didn't answer the post in that other forum because first I wanted to check here and see if it already has been mentioned, and/or if FoxPro is aware of it.

I have two Spitfires, and two TX-24 remotes. I have two because the originals mysteriously disappeared, then after I'd bought a replacement, the guilty family member fessed up to borrowing it without my knowledge and brought it back. Anyway, when I first got the original, I successfully tested the transmitter as far away as 200 yards. Now, with the FJ2 attached, regardless of which combination of caller and remote I use (four different permutations), in actual field use, anything further than 50 yards gets iffy. I've always found the TX-24 button's fussy, especially when I'm wearing gloves (which essentially is all the time), and the second unit is a refurb, so I still wasn't sure the fact that the second transmitter showed the same problem exonerated the buttons.

So including the two fellows in that other forum (one of whom also remarked to the same problem in this forum), that makes four examples of the reception range being reduced. And the problem does not appear limited to the Spitfire.

I haven't been able to detect any correlation to the reception range based on changes in the caller's orientation, which leads me to doubt this is a problem with the radio transparency of the decoy module itself, which leaves me thinking it's a radio magnetic interference problem caused by the magnetic field the electric motor is creating. But that's purely a guess.

Anybody else seeing this? If so, with which caller? Has anybody at the company heard gripes about this? I do well to operate a transistor radio, so I'm speaking from pure ignorance, but is this something an external aerial might remedy? Or is this going to take a Farraday cage to fix?
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