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Coyote Hunting Canis latrans. Ky'ote. Ky'otee. Whatever you want to call it, it's one of the most popular predators hunted in the world today.

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Old 01-14-2013, 10:26 PM
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Wannabe, im in the same boat as you. Been hunting coyotes for 2 years now and havent had any luck. Ive called in owls and hawks trying to steal my decoy,but no dogs!I hunt upstate New York.I know my calling works but i just cant seen to get them to come in or there in another area . The only thing i can tell you is dont give up and enjoy being out in the field,even if you dont shoot anything its still better then a day at work!! good luck!!
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Old 01-15-2013, 04:26 PM
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Originally Posted by wannabe View Post
I was on sort of a rant last night. I'm starting to believe huntin coyotes is like hunting honkers. It's easy when you live in rich habitat or have access to the right ground. But if your the average joe then ya really got to pound the dirt to be successful. I don't think the guys who hunt primarily public land in non-mecca states are that successful. Maybe I really do suck this bad... Still would like to hear some honest public land call ratios.
I hunt public land in AZ, I have been on 10 stands in the last year or so and have shot one coyote, 1 bobcat, and 3 foxes. I have called in a total of 7 coyotes that I could see, I missed one and the others were in brushy country and I was too stupid to bring the shotgun instead of the rifle. Talk about frustrating, finally start calling them in and I am seeing yotes basically prance around me while I try to get a shot off lol. Before that I went about a year of real formal calling with 0 luck. I think the biggest change in my success (at least getting them to the call) has been embracing coyote vocalizations. To date I have yet to get a coyote or anything for that matter to come in without some sort of vocal/prey mix. I think around here they have all heard the dying rabbit and tend to stay away, just my opinion.

As far as sucking I doubt it, you sound frustrated but also determined and have kept at it, that is the number one aspect to being successful, followed closely by watching the wind. I used to plunk down in the spot I felt I would like if I were an animal, now I pick spots based on wind direction and I don't stress over finding the garden of coyote eden. I am by no means an expert but it wasn't that long ago I was in your same boat and it was amazing how quickly my luck started turning around.

One thing I have heard from the pro's is they keep very detailed notes including location, date, time, temp, wind, calls used, time on stand, route to stand, etc. and use them refer back to later, might be a good idea, once you have some notes share parts of them at a place like this and ask the experts to find faults or tips based on it.

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