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Old 06-21-2016, 07:38 PM
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Default 2017 Gatesville Tx Varmint Hunts

Gatesville Tx varmint hunts

january 28th and 29th 2017
febuary 25th and 26th 2017
march 25th and 26th 2017

mail ins and early entries welcome
registration 11:00am – 12:00 noon saturday
weigh in 12:00 noon sunday

coryell county commission company
400 cattle rd gatesville tx 76528

entry fee
main entry $300.00
side pots $20.00 each
big pots: Bobcat, coyote,
fox, raccoon, and most animals

point system
mountion lion 100pts
red fox 5pts
bobcat 4pts
coyote 3pts
grey fox 2pts
raccoons 1pt

for more information contact
toby small sr
(325) 247-0139
may be subject to a polygraph

gateville varmint hunt rules

1. Must enter main entry to enter side pots and most animals
2. Once you have entered the hunt you are entered. No refunds after 12 noon on saturday
3. No more then 4 people per team
4. Everyone must be at weigh in no exceptions
5. You may have land owner with you if needed but may not shoot
6. Points for animals are as followed ( mountion lion 100, red fox 5, bobcat 4, coyote 3, grey fox 2, raccoon 1)
7. Side pots: Big bobcat, big coyote, big fox, big raccoon, and most animals (only 7 raccoons will count in most animal)
8. Only 7 animials per species will count for main entry
9. Ties are broken with the total weight of all animals and side pots of that species
10. All animals must be harvested between 12 noon saturday and 12 noon sunday (animals will be checked for freshness)
11. No trapped or snared animals will be accepted or counted anyone bringing in such animals will be disqualified
12. You call the animals in with hand call, lip squeaking, or electronics
13. No hunting baited areas, but may hunt land owners dead pits
14. Giving, exchanging, or accepting any animal from anyone during the hunt will result in immediate disqualification and will be banned from the hunt
15. Participants may hunt anywhere in texas
16. Teams are responsiable for their own hunting land during the hunt
17. Teams may split up during the day on the same property but must hunt together at night out of the same vehicle
18. Each team is responsible for the proper disposal of there animals
19. Must follow texas parks and wildlife rules and guidelines
20. Any game violation will result in dq.
21. The team is subject to a polygraph test
22. Rules are subject to change without further notice from toby small sr

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