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Coyote Hunting Canis latrans. Ky'ote. Ky'otee. Whatever you want to call it, it's one of the most popular predators hunted in the world today.

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Old 02-08-2013, 08:25 PM
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Default help

So I went out last night hoping to score with the storm rolling in. I made several stands with zero luck to a sense. I didn't see any thing but I had Coyotes going ballistic all over the place. I attached a pic of the property I hunt.

Now I can come in two ways either park at the barn and cut across the pasture on the right or take the lane way on the left. I usually park at the barn and take the creek edge in. Which I think may be whats hurting me but my truck gets stuck on the lane way so I cant park there.

I numbered where I usually make my stands 1&2 are really close I usually don't make both is one or the other. From 1 I can see 2 across the creek. Now its a creek that borders the whole property so I like to set up on it to use it as a funnel in a sense so I only have to watch one direction or two. That creek is mostly froze over now though and its being used like a super high way as is all the 4 wheeler trails on the property its nuts the amount of tracks in there.

the triangle as we call it by 1 and 2 is the most heavily traveled woods of the whole place its where I see the most when I do and killed the most over the years its not very thick either. The only really thick area is near 4 and there is a tree stand there but its crazy thick and on top of a hill that over looks the whole woods and the cow pasture.

Now last night I hit all them stands in the order of 1-3-4-5-2. now when I was walking out i got half way threw the triangle and heard some howls across the creek maybe 500yds away so I went to 2 and set up watching down the 2 trails with an open creek bend to my back. I hit the caller started with a fem. long howl and I instantly got the ones I heard across the creek to reply sounded like 2 of them. Once they howled one in the pasture by the x part of the map started yipping so I did another howl and then I had the 2 across the creek howl this time probably 100-200yds away right on the creek edge in that field you see on the right edge. and the one in the pasture sounded like it was now just my side of the pond on the hill and 2 more groups chimed in one by the camp ground between 3 and 5 and another directly to the south.

So I had probably 4-5 coyotes all talking to me each time sounding closer and closer like they were coming in but slow besides the ones across the creek on the right. This went back and forth for probably 7-10 minutes then they all shut up at once. I was doing long howls some sub howls female whimpers and one that I got off the Varmint Al site I think but its labeled DThowl??? I got a response from every one but the DThowl really got them going.

Now after they shut up i hunkered in and waited expecting to see one any second. I did hear the ones across the creek the closest ones go out on the ice one was whining it was funny but then i heard a crash and a splash followed by some yelps and then heard it make its way back on the other side shake off and howl and you could hear the emotion in it like it was sad. I didn't hear any of the others chime in and it only let out 1 howl. I ended with pup distress and let that play for 3 minutes then sat silent for 15 more before packing it in total time around 40 minutes.

What the heck happened I heard them getting closer but then nothing. Maybe they winded me? it was going east to west(R to L in the pic) but I use a drag of TT bunny in a bottle plus put a wick with it on the fence by 1 and another by the narrow part at the bottom of the triangle. Did I over howl? maybe spooked by my light. They responded every time plus were talking to each other with out me responding.

Should I maybe try setting up different. I'm thinking next time taking my coyote decoy putting it in the field by 1 and setting up there so I can watch the pasture, part of the hay field, and the trail by 2.

How should I scan I use my night eyes head lamp to scan always on then I have a Pmack gun mounted light for the shot and getting PID. I thought maybe the constant light going back and forth between the trails by 2 spooked them I faced one and the other one was right off my left shoulder. I know with a partner I might do better to one sets up looking down the creek the other looking down the trail to the pasture.

I know its a lot to take in but input would be appreciated.
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Old 02-09-2013, 10:08 AM
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Maybe not the right response, but I would only hunt that spot with some kind of a south wind. Misting or trying to mask your scent will not work with coyotes, If they smell anything human it is over in my opinion.
It is hard to tell, but the darker shade around the pond on the left seems like it might be some type of cover. I would park at the barn lot, walk west along the road and slip south along the fence line where you have the X, I'm assuming an area you can not hunt. Setup near the pond or at the base of the levee and anything trying to get downwind would be forced into the open. Looks like a tough spot to hunt but a S or SW wind looks the best for what I am trying to explain. Hope that helps, good luck
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Old 02-09-2013, 10:22 AM
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The wind is almost always either from the north or east. The spot is only about 1.5miles off lake ontario so the wind can be a real bear some times.
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