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Old 02-26-2020, 09:42 AM
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Default 2 to make up for bad times!!


I had a bad weekend with a miss and a runner. I was so mad. This afternoon I went back to a local farm at 4:30 PM and sat there until 7 PM. All I saw were my fox buddies named Frick and Frack (they are always in the farmyard, playing and vocalizing like crazy).

I went home to eat and spend 2 hours with the family. After that nonsense, I went back to the farm and instantly saw Frick and Frack. I was watching them through the thermal and turned around to see a coyote staring in my direction. It was through a hedgerow and there was no shot opportunity. It drifted off, got downwind, and started to howl and bark. I got up to see if I could see the coyote in the field.

All of a sudden, a coyote was howling right where I just was set up. Through the thermal, I thought I saw Frick and Frack. However, after a few more howls, a third critter emerged into the field. Now, I knew I was looking at three coyotes! I played Frantic Pup Distress and they came my way. One of them came through the hedgerow that prevented the earlier shot. I took the shot and the coyote flipped into the hedgerow and died on the spot. The other coyotes vanished.

I went to a second farm trying to beat the rain that was in the forecast. Once set up, I started calling and instantly saw a coyote. I figure that it must have watched me approach and setup. I went into some breeding sounds and all of a sudden I was surrounded by coyotes - and close - like 30 yards! I don't know how I didn't see them approach in the huge field I was watching.

One got around me so I had to abandon my chair and try to find it from the kneeling position. Frantically, I scanned the terrain. I found another coyote 40 yards away so I quickly took the shot (forgetting to press record on my ATN scope, too). The coyote spun and traveled 30 yards before expiring! After a photoshoot that saw my camera battery die - had to use a cell phone - I headed home for the night!

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Old 02-26-2020, 07:22 PM
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Aaahh, sweet success again. Sounds like a great time.
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