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Talked to the boys at foxpro today . They said they had a glitch in their foxdata system. They fixed it and now I can view all of my screwed up hunts online thru foxdata. Thanks foxpro guys. Here's my understanding of foxdata in the field. First when starting your hunt, press an hold foxdata on the remote for 1 to 2 seconds. The hunt field will be visible .... highlight "hunt started" Go to your call sound screen and proceed with your hunt. From that point on you must quickly press the foxdata button ONCE FOR EVERY CHANGE YOU MAKE WITH THE REMOTE. When finished hunting press and hold the foxdata button again for 1 to 2 seconds and press "Hunt ended" I didnt understand this from the instruction booklet and screwed up a lot of my entries. I still might not have it right.........Moderators delete this post if im telling people wrongly. I missed a fox that came right up to the shockwave today. Ive been trying to learn the shockwave and all its features as fast as i can. I spend a lot of time lookin at the remote. I finished my hunt an saw nothing. I walked up to the shockwave an there in the 3/4 in of snow was the story. A fox came up a small ravine next the the caller. stopped 2ft. away and ran back down the ravine. I never saw him. I figure i was lookin at the remote.............................. While talking with the foxpro boys i was told the temperature is not user adjustable on the remote. When i finished my hunt this morning the remote told me it was 70 Degrees out. Dont i wish. It was really 21 degrees. I hav'nt paid enough attention to this yet to know if theres a temp gremlin inside the remote. I'll post again after further use. Lets all do the SHOCKWAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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