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Default New "Varmint" gun???? Maybe/NOT

Boy and I went calling today the wind almost stopped.
Been weeks at -40* to -65* wind chill.
It was -15* but with a 3 mph wind, the chill was only around 20 below ish, fantastic.
Saw a lot of dogs out moving around and had dogs at all the set.
My boy Killed one at 250 yards. I misted one at 300 by inches. A nice female.

On a later set, we had one jump up and run off at 350 as soon as we started to call. 11 minutes later I look over my shoulder to see this old soldier standing broadside with its head down to charge in. Three steps and stopped to get under a fence JUST long enough for me to pull the trigger, on the 8mm rem mag.
Not my normal coyote gun but I needed some blood on it.
220 gr Seaira 3000 fps 300 yards.
DEAD coyote...

Hole coming out.

Doesn't look too bad.

Skin off tells the rest of the story.
Cover your eyes if your squeamish, please.

Big dog

Probably not my first choice for dog killing but it works.

You decide !!!
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