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Originally Posted by Night Eyes View Post
Well I guess I would go earlier or later and try calls that maybe outside the norm. Maybe even try placing your caller differently in your set up. Ex. place caller in a brush line, or hang it on a tree limb. Most always put the caller out in the field. Go from raccoon fighting to bird distress. Maybe lonesome howl, then angry coon to hurt pup. Whos there? What's the commotion ? Free meal. Or just move on.
Thanks Night Eyes. I'll be giving it a try for sure. I have a lot of land access BUT there are only certain pockets here where I am that hold the coyotes. Their core territories. There aren't many that you can gain ACCESS too here where I live. So everyone over time finds them and the landowners being the nice people that they are say yes. Which is fine, it's how I was granted permission.
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