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Default First Pa bobcat

Posted in predator hunting - didnít see the cat category....

Out last night, full moon, 10 degrees, 4th set, 1140 pm
10 minutes in had big eyes come from my right. Had woodpecker sound on the shockwave. Couldnít identify it at first as it was in the field edge tall grass. Thought it might have been a fox was low to the ground. When he broke the open field I immediately saw it was a bobcat, he was hunched down creeping towards my call that was about 30 yds straight out in front of me at a steady pace. Got the scope on him, but he wasnít stopping. I reached down to my remote and pushed mute and he stopped 5 feet from the caller. That was his final step ! Weighed in at 29.5 lbs ...
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