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My real reason was for some of the new folks that are watching these shows who may not have as strong a gun background as you and I. I really don't give a hoot what Abner shoots in his wiz bang what ever. However for some novice that might be good info... same with all their other goodies..... I am not afraid to look for info when I need it and I think we should make it easily available to new folks.

huntschool your right. So is XNAVYORDIE.

I think their doing a wonderful job overall for the amount of time they have to air a show. A lot of time, and money is being spent by them as well as their sponsors to provide us with entertainment. They always have to be careful what is said and how things are shown because there are people out there that will sue them and or want to shut them down.

Just a simple example:
Have you ever seen anyone curse after missing or loosing an animal? NO Why? If I flew hundreds of miles and spent a week somewhere and I lost an animal. You can bet I would be saying Sh*t, Fu*k, what F, happen and alike.

I would show fur damage and say something like, look it the size of this F**king hole. Lol. But then again I'm probably the only one that uses fowl language. Right.

Anyway, you make a good point. But if people need help, they should be able to ask for other opinions on this forum without ******** others sarcastic remarks.
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