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ChR1s , I had a mojo critter out on both of the kills. I don't think the first cat saw the decoy because I had it on a little flat bench and he had just topped a downed tree, and not sure he could see it. The second tom, came trotting in and I am pretty sure he saw the decoy. He slowed to a stop and then eased around a tree with his back arched up and all of his hair standing up. I am pretty sure he saw the decoy on that one. On a side note, I did not have the decoy spinning on the second cat, just had it out there for the white looking tail. Figured it was better than nothing and I wasn't sure if they would spook from a spinning decoy when they were expecting a motionless cat to be there.
To ChR1s, would you mind putting up the details of your encounters and what happened and what you heard?
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