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This is my first post here. I enjoy reading and gaining information about how other people do it, mainly in the east. I have to add my .02 cents on the bobcat in heat. I have been hammering the bobcats here in southeast Kentucky/ northeast Tennessee this year. I started the year with my usual bird sounds and sometimes cottontail. I was into the females and killed 4 in a couple week span. I was pumped up, but was wanting bigger cats (toms). I decided to download the Bobcat in Heat and honestly felt a little odd using it. I don't know why I never used it before, but I hadn't.
So anyways, first set out, I hit it mid-volume and it sounds absolutely amazing and realistic. Made the hair stand up on my neck. Was playing this for a minute at a time every 15 minutes or so. 35 minutes into the calling and I heard a noise (maybe 150 yards away if that) that I had never heard before and I wasn't sure if it was an odd sounding bird or what. I thought it might be a cat responding so I did a short 15 second in heat call again. Not even 30 seconds later boom a cat is trotting in from 75 yards. He was not slowing up a bit and I knew I had him. Waited for him to pop up on a downed tree 30 yards away and killed him. Big 20 pound male (pretty big for my area).
Tried the call again for many unsuccessful stands (maybe 10 stands) and then struck gold again when this time I heard the tom responding to my calls from a rocky outcropping 200 yards above me. He sounded basically like the same in heat call I was using. Took him about 7 or 8 minutes and I had him killed at 20 yards. I use strictly shotgun and like to get them up close. That was probably the coolest hunt I have ever experienced. He was a 22 pound male.
Sorry for the long post, but I am telling you guys that it absolutely works and the two I did call in both responded to the call. It is awesome hearing them, cause you know you have them hook, line, and sinker. Give it a try and it might not work every time, but when it does, it is like nothing else. Just wanted to pass along the information.
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