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Yea, at 70 years old I have had my hands on most all of what they shoot.... liked/like them all save for the AR's.... never got friendly with them but may this year. Thinking about a 6.5 Grendel all match grade. My big hold up there is the trigger..... I want one that goes off via telepathy but not by the force of the action ...... (under 1 lb) but I dont know if thats possible......

My real reason was for some of the new folks that are watching these shows who may not have as strong a gun background as you and I. I really don't give a hoot what Abner shoots in his wiz bang what ever. However for some novice that might be good info... same with all their other goodies..... I am not afraid to look for info when I need it and I think we should make it easily available to new folks.

Just a thought.....
Single shot shooters only need one shot

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