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Default We got 2 coyotes yesterday, my wife shot a HUGE male

My wife and I Made a few stands yesterday. We saw 8 coyotes total. I shot a small female at 50 yards and my wife shot a HUGE male!!

I called the male in from out past 800 yards with Mrs. McCottontail. It was text book! My wife made a perfect right to left turn when the coyote got to about 400 yards. She was then able to watch it come in the rest of the way until it checked up broadside at 135 yards.

Here she is with her coyote and Weatherby Camilla .243.

Untitled by seebass7400, on Flickr

Im holding both to show the size difference

Untitled by seebass7400, on Flickr

It was an old scared up coyote with a broken K9. Id guesstimate the weight to be 35+ lbs.

Untitled by seebass7400, on Flickr
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