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I think it is a good idea to use your first 4 preset sounds as emergency sounds that you want to switch to in a hurry.

The sounds you like to start with or use quite often can be your favorite sounds. The first 12 sounds I have on my preset/favorites list are sounds I want to get to in a hurry.

Preset #1 is Coyote Pup Screams on volume 40 for stopping coyotes.
Preset #2 is Coyote Pup Distress 3 on volume 40 for calling coyotes.
Preset #3 is Vole Squeaks on volume 24 for coaxing in coyotes.
Preset #4 is Male coyote Challenge 4 on volume 40 for challenging back coyotes that challenge whatever sound I am playing.

Around here the male coyotes challenge sound just like Foxpro's "Male Coyote Challenge 4" sound. So The "Male Coyote Challenge 4" sound is my #4 preset. If you are challenged by a male coyote, the quicker you can challenge him back the better chance you have of calling him in.

I like using "Coyote Pup Screams" as my #1 preset for stopping coyotes. It is a very loud high pitch sound that stops coyotes very good on full blast volume 40.
Bob Morris - Foxpro Field Staff
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