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Originally Posted by SWAMPBUCK10PT View Post
Congrats Navy & Archer for putting on a Great Contest----Wow Lots of critters taken. Hard to imagen the # taken' LOTS of fur in that area----Our Shooting club had its Predator hunt this pasted week-end and for the brutal cold and snow there was 21 critters taken--1 gray fox-1 Red Fox -1Bobcat and 18 coyotesI was surprised that many were killed but bet most were shot on dead plies. Again WTG

Thanks SB
Most of the critters are taken from the Eastern Shore teams. That area is loaded with Reds, and holds more Grays. It was unusual for them to not bring more Grays....but then not too many hunted Saturday night due to the nasty weather all over Maryland. I think we have some folks that could bring in more yotes if they wanted, but focus on the Reds for the contest. It goes to show you though that the yote population in Maryland isn't going to support a contest.

Unfortunately Bobcats are not allowed to be hunted in would add some variety and another category.
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