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Default It was a party, EVERYONE was I learned

last night I spent 4 hours calling. Eye shine is getting a little tougher as I get into Late Fox season.

I knew another guy or two calls a farm I have that has an established coyote population. BUT...

Last night I finish a stand after about 25 minutes. I got some coyotes to howl back from the other side of the property but nothing came in. I was going to drive to the opposite side to get closer and try my luck...a pretty good plan if you ask me. Well...

I walk back to my truck and there is another truck parked right behind me. A couple super nice guys are standing outside their truck and we talk a bit. To be fair I am just as much of an intruder to them as they are to me and they probably worked that farm before I had permission but it was all good. So really I was the bigger intruder. No hard feelings though and we exchanged info to keep in touch which is pretty cool.

As the 3 of us were hanging out talking about my stand and how I did, and how they've been doing that night, we see a sweeping RED light at the next spot across the way and hear the faint sounds of a screaming rabbit.

HOLY COW! It's a PARTY I guess and we were all invited! About 2 square miles of land maybe and 4 or 5 people at basically the same area all trying to call in a Fox or a Coyote.

I have always sensed the animals I have called at these spots seemed to really be call and light shy. Some I may have taught but I am certain others have taught them too.

Crazy right? Now what the heck should I do? I think I'll just try to change up every sound and every spot I call from at each location. With mating season soon here I guess coyote vocals would be the way to go?

Thanks, Scott
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